Poster on Performance Evaluation and Machine Learning in NILM


Poster presentation at the 7th DACH Conference on Energy Informatics.

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From 11th to 12th of October, the 7th DACH Conference on Energy Informatics was held in Oldenburg, Germany. This special event brought together researchers and professionals to present and discuss latest developments in the area of information and communication technologies in the energy domain and to foster the exchange between academia, industry, and service providers in the German-Austrian-Swiss region and its neighbouring countries (DACH+). The sessions comprised topics such as Home Energy Management, Network Operations, Optimisation, Interoperability, and use-based Analysis.

In the poster session, we point out open research issues of performance evaluation in NILM, presents a short survey of deep learning approaches for NILM, and formulates research questions related to open issues in NILM. An outline of future work is given including applied methodology and expected findings.