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Electricity Consumption Data Sets: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Published in Proceedings of the 6th ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments, Cities, and Transportation (BuildSys), 2019

There is a lack of widely agreed best practices for designing, deploying, and operating electrical data collection systems. We address this limitation by dissecting the collection methodologies used in existing data sets. Read more

On the Applicability of Correlation Filters for Appliance Detection in Smart Meter Readings

Published in 2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, 2017

Communication systems utilise correlation filters to detect waveforms. In a broader sense, these filters examine the amount of resemblance between a template pattern and the input pattern. We assess the performance of the correlation filters on the real-world energy consumption dataset GREEND, which provides readings from smart meter data as well as appliance-level measurement equipment. Read more

Yay - an open-hardware energy measurement system for feedback and appliance detection based on the Arduino platform

Published in 2017 13th Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems (WISES), 2017

We present a distributed measurement system that records and monitors electrical household appliances. Our low-cost measurement system integrates the YaY smart meter, a set of smart plugs, and several networked ambient sensors. In conjunction with energy advisor tools the presented measurement system provides an efficient low-cost alternative to commercial energy monitoring systems by surpassing them with machine learning techniques, appliance identification methods, and applications based on load disaggregation. Read more

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring: A Review and Outlook

Published in SKILL Students Conference 2016, part of the INFORMATIK 2016 congress, 2016

Researchers provided multiple review papers on NILM so far, but none for students. With our paper we provide an introductory paper for students. In this paper we discuss the fundamental building-blocks of NILM, first giving a taxonomy of appliance models and device signatures and then explaining common supervised and unsupervised learning methods. Read more

YoMo: the Arduino-based smart metering board

Published in Springer Journal: Computer Science-Research and Development, 2015

This paper introduces a design for a low-cost smart meter system as well as the fundamentals of smart metering. The suggested design can switch loads, offers a variable sampling frequency, and provides measurement data such as active power, reactive and apparent power. Read more