YoMoPie - A User-Oriented Energy Monitor based on the Raspberry Pi

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Computational methods for the enhancement of energy efficiency rely on a measurement process with sufficient accuracy and number of measurements. Networked energy meters, energy monitors, serve as a vital link between the energy consumption of households and key insights that reveal strategies to achieve significant energy savings. With YoMoPie, we propose a user-oriented energy monitor for the Raspberry Pi platform that aims to enable intelligent energy services in households. YoMoPie measures active as well as apparent power, stores data locally, and integrates a user-friendly Python library. Furthermore, the presented energy monitor allows users to run self-designed services in their home to enhance energy efficiency. Potential services are (but not limited to) residential demand response, immediate user feedback, smart meter data analytics, or energy disaggregation.

Research Paper on YomoPie

All design files and pieces of software are available free of charge. However, in case you use the PCB design, code, or other material for research purposes, we kindly ask you to cite our peer-reviewed research paper:

  • Title: YoMoPie: A User-Oriented Energy Monitor to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Households
  • Authors: Mr. Christoph Klemenjak, Mr. Stefan Jost and Dr. Wilfried Elmenreich
  • Conference: 2018 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech)

You can download the paper here

Recommended Citation:

author={C. Klemenjak and S. Jost and W. Elmenreich},
booktitle={2018 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech)},
title={Yo{M}o{P}ie: {A} User-Oriented Energy Monitor to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Households},

CommunicationWiFi, Ethernet, RF
Measurementactive power, apparent power, electric current, voltage
Number of connections1 or 3
Integrated relayyes
Sampling frequencymax. 10 Hz
Power calculationIC ADE7754
Open-Source projectyes
Costsapprox. 50€


The YoMoPie Python package is available on Python Package Index (PyPI), a software repository for the Python programming language and can easily be installed:

pip3 install YoMoPie

Additionally, the entire source code, design files, and a manual can be obtained from our YoMoPie Github repository.

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